Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What a day

So today was an awesome day for playoff action. Even though one game was rained out tonight...there was so much during the first two games.
*The inside the park home run to take the lead after back to back jacks by the Twins to tie the game
*The two outs at the plate on one play for the Dodgers. Could that be the series turning play this early? Who knows how that inning could have turned out for them. Kent should have never gone and Drew SHOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF IT. Bases loaded and 0 outs, or even with Kent's out, 2nd and 3rd with 1 outs.
*The work of Steve Phillips in the booth. I really enjoyed him during the LAD/NYM game
*Bradley's blow up on the bench and the entire coffee incident

Did I miss anything? What a day! I love playoff baseball. So are the A's for real? Can they sweep and allow themselves to rest Harden some more? Are they in a position to finally take the Yanks? And what about the NL? Who will come out of there now that the Mets are missing half their starters?

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