Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Labour Deal!

Well MLB and MLBPA agreed to a new 5 year deal to extend their CBA. It's the longest deal in baseball labour history and will end in 2011.
here's the link:
CBA deal

With profits rising, this is a very good move by both sides to ensure that they keep their pieces of the pie. Here's what you essentially need to know:
-Compensation for picks has been changed slightly as teams that can't sign their first or second rounders will receive that same pick and failure to sign a third rounder will result in a sandwich pick between rounds 3 and 4
-The Rule 5 protection has been changed slightly...not exactly sure how it will affect everyone
-There are only Type A and B free agents for compensation use
-Type A is down to top 20% by position instead of 30%, Type B from 21% to 40% at each position ( used to be 32%-50%)
-Compensation for Type B free agents will be sandwich picks(MLB given) instead of direct picks(given by teams)

So a few changes that you can read about yourself, I'm sure the experts will chime in and as soon as they do I will link to the articles for your reading pleasures. How about this game tho? Another great pitching performance and this time by former Blue Jay Chris Carpenter.

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