Monday, October 23, 2006

Trooping along

Today, I am a trooper! After doing the six hour drive back from the Falls area, I am posting another section of the Ricciardi Project. It is a short one, so to compensate I will post another section tomorrow.

My weekend? Awesome. Drove down to the Toronto/Falls area to visit friends, family and hit some stores in Buffalo. Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday night, to the Casino for funding part of my trip and thanks to Ruffles for inventing those wonderful fat free chips(only available in the United States!)

I will not comment on Kenny Rogers, I do not have the facts and I am not naive enough to think that every baseball player tries to have some sort of competitive advantage. I just feel it's sad that this story will take away from one of the greatest playoff pitching performances of all time. I sincerely hope he did not cheat, but again am not naive.

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