Saturday, October 07, 2006

Playoff special

Gotta love missing all the games cause of work this weekend but wow these playoffs are great. Oakland FINALLY gets over the hump and finishes off an opponent to move into the ALCS. Their opponent? Unknown, however the Tigers have taken a somewhat surprising 2-1 lead in their series against the Yankees behind the pitching of Kenny Rogers. Over in the NLCS, both series could end today with the Mets and Cards both leading 2-0.
Most interesting will be the status of Rich Harden and if the Dodgers can come back, Nomar(comeback player of the year for the NL. Harden didn't throw a pitch in the ALDS and struggled during his comeback outing from the injury before the playoffs. The A's should have him penciled in for a start this series but where would you put him? 4th starter? It should be interesting. Oakland has only used six pitchers in that three game series so they will have a lot of rested arms when the ALCS starts.

Anyway, tune in soon for the last part of the division battle along with the off-season checklist.


Anonymous said...

who were the six?

Dan Julien said...

calero, duscherer, street and the three starters...haren, zito and loaiza