Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ricciardi Project Overview

Hello ladies and gents
Well I've posted the Ricciardi Project on the right side in it's entirity. Just an overview statistics wise to tell the whole story.
In making trades, the Blue Jays staff since Ricciardi became GM lost 150 Runs in VORP. However, they traded away over $62 million in FIRST YEAR salaries while receiving only a bit over $25 million in FIRST YEAR salries. By First Year, I mean in the first season for that player following the trade or the season he was traded in. So these savings increase when you think of the bigger deals that were traded away such as Mondesi, Koskie, AGon and so on. Unfortunately in these numbers I did not include the subsidies given by the Jays or teams trading with them to pay these contracts.
Of the 23 deals, here's how I rank them:
Baseball Deals: 7
Salary Dumps: 9
Role Player Acqusition: 3
Key Player Acquistion: 2
Role Player Dump: 2

Of the 7 baseball deals, Ricciardi added almost $3.5 in salaries and lost 23 VORP runs.

So in essense, Ricciardi & co. did not help the team when looking at the totality of trades, however the effect it had on payroll is immense when thinking about the payroll having to be cut as well as the players that have been brought in to big free agent contracts. Speaking of which, the free agent part of the project will be up shortly...probably Monday night.
The off-season has begun and I will be all over it, anything that comes across will be posted here. Stay tuned!

BTW...Which player did I compare to Pamela Anderson? Any thoughts? Anyone?
P.S. The Jays tentative schedule for next season is up

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