Sunday, October 01, 2006

Final day of the season

Wasn't it just yesterday we were sitting at opening day? So much hope...Bengie hitting that home run...the entire stadium chanting B.J. B.J. B.J. to our new closer! There was so much hope and you know what everyone? We took a step in the right direction this year because at worse we'll end up tied with the Red Sox. Take away the inter-league records and we'd be well ahead of them. There are positive signs for next year with the top duo of Halladay/Burnett and hopefully the lefties Lilly and Chacin. Joe Torre said the other day that the Jays are the team he'd least like to face in the playoffs because of our devastating top three starters. It sucks that the season has to end yet again without a playoff berth but we had some good times this year..just wait 'til next year :)

*On a side note, I'm hoping Houston can tie St. Louis today just for that great one game playoff.

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