Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In Game Tidbits

Sad news out of New York today as Cory Lidle has passed away after a plane accident. It’s always sad to see someone pass on before their time and obviously my thoughts go out to Cory’s family.

Jeff Weaver starting Game 1 of the Championship Series! Could anyone have imagined this at the start of the season? Weaver’s always been one of those pitchers who gets by on his enormous potential for being a great pitcher and hopefully for the Cards he can get it done for them as he will be trusted to throw at least twice in this series.

Somebody asked me the other night which free agent I thought would have a bigger impact if he signed with the Jays: Alfonso Soriano or Barry Zito. I obviously said I’d have to check the stats before giving him my answer, but he told me to go blind by instinct. It all depends was my answer. If Wells is traded away then Soriano perfectly slots in as a 3rd batter and hopefully 2nd baseman. Zito is tremendously important if no other pitcher is signed or acquired through trade because right now the Jays rotation is a bunch of maybes after Halladay/Burnett/Chacin and that top three is very injury prone. Of course, my final answer was Zito. If the top four consists of those four men…who even cares who the fifth starter is. I think we need a more patient hitter than Soriano at this point such as Loretta, certainly if Cat is not brought back.

The Yankees held onto Torre…and say they will hold onto Arod. Good luck with that, now that he’s on the market, teams are going to come out with good offers. An impact hitter of Arod’s caliber is worth his weight in gold and he may never come at a smaller price. Remember in any trade that his salary is only $14 million per year because Texas covers the rest. I don’t think Cashman can honestly bring him back to New York and that a change in scenery would help all involved. The Jeter trade rumors and rumblings are just that, it would be STUPID to trade Derek, he is their captain and heart and soul. You don’t trade a Derek Jeter, just like you don’t trade Michael Jordan.

Tigers are for real..

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