Monday, October 23, 2006

Project Part 2: New Year's Resolution? Trim more fat

Before the 2002 season began, the Jays management made two more significant deals. One to bring in a hitter, the other to rid themselves of an expensive slugger...but not the one they most wanted to get rid of.

4th trade: To Oakland: Tom Wilson, Received Mike Kremblas
Dealing a career minor leaguer for a catcher making near the minimum and is more valuable than a replacement player for two seasons is always a good trade. I need to make more of a comment you say? Tom Wilson had Win Shares of 7 and 3 in his two seasons for the Jays while making under $400,000 each year, he didn't slow anyone's development because let's face it, when's the last time the Jays had a catching prospect that was worth a lick and played catcher in the Majors for a good time period? I added that last part so no one would name Delgado...All in all this trade was a small steal for Ricciardi or maybe a gift from Billy for all his years of good service.

5th trade: To Anaheim: Brad Fullmer, Received Brain Cooper
Trimming fat and trading a very productive designated hitter for a career minor leaguer however is not always a good trade. The Jays did not want to pay Fullmer's $4 million salary anymore and had young Josh Phelps ready to step into the spot, Phelps by the way because of his designated hitter status does not count towards the decent prospect catcher who became a good major league catcher. It ended up being good savings for the Jays as Fullmer had VORPs and Win Shares of 33.5 (13) and 17.2 (8) in 2002, 2003 while Phelps' VORPs and Win Shares were 25.1 (10) and 20.5(10). Fullmer ended up being slightly more productive than Phelps but at a higher salary cost. The Jays also saved money on busted jerseys; no longer would they have Fullmer's over-whelming pythons breaking the seams on all those jersey sleeves.

I guess when talking about Fullmer, you can't really talk about trimming fat! Maybe trimming muscle mass...whatever, it's just not as nice a title!

Should the Jays be hiring a catcher's coach to make sure that this catching prospect downfall doesn't continue with Curtis Thigpen? Seriously, this whole catching prospect thing is kind of concerning, considering it is one of THE most important positions on the field!


Anonymous said...

muscle mass...completly natural too right?

Dan Julien said...

yeh...let's not get into that.