Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Inside J.P.'s head

ESPN.Com has some comments from J.P. regarding off-season plans..
About Wells: "I can tell you this: If it is a Beltran type deal then it's something we wouldn't be able to handle."
About Lilly: "We have a number that we feel comfortable that we would go after [pitcher] Ted [Lilly] with. But if somebody goes out and just blows that number out of the water we're obviously not going to get involved."
About Glaus: "Every player gets to a point in their career where they decide I'd better start working out a little harder and I think Troy is at that point now" WOW!
About Molina/Zaun: He can only bring one back and has rejected Molina's option for next year.

And finally "I'm not going to sit here and tell you that we popped champagne for finishing in second place, but it's something we haven't done here in a long time. We finished ahead of the Red Sox. It's just a nice stepping stone. I know the guys were really driven to get to that spot. We're closer to where we think we can be."
Here's the full article J.P. Article

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