Friday, October 27, 2006

Part 8: ‘There's nothing wrong with Ohio , except the snow and the rain. I really like Drew Carey and I'd love to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.'

15 th trade: to Cleveland: Josh Phelps, Received: Eric Crozier
Another pretty inconsequential trade, Cleveland utilized Phelps as a DH for half a season where he established a VORP of 7.5 while the Jays received a minor leaguer who never amounted to much. The Jays wanted the roster spot and were probably going to DFA Phelps in the off-season. Still the Jays gave up a useful asset for pretty much nothing in return.

16 th trade: to Cleveland: Tom Mastny, Received John McDonald
Utility infielder John McDonald has been a defensive staple with the Blue Jays since being acquired in this trade. Offensively, he has performed worse than a replacement player. As much as I like offensive statistics, I like McDonald and the impact his glove can have in the late innings. There's no measuring the psychological impact of bringing in McDonald behind a ground ball pitcher and that pitcher knowing that he will swallow up any ball hit near him. Because of that, his value I believe is immeasurable defensively. Mastny was recently brought up by the Indians and was given the role of closer where he performed adequately. I obviously had to pick a picture of McDonald where he was making a defensive play.

BTW the title comes from a Bowling for Soup song called Come Back to Texas...check them out.

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