Saturday, October 07, 2006

Recap of the Division battle

*The offense for the Yankees badly outperformed the Blue Jays by over a hundred runs.

*The biggest difference was .015 in OBP along with a better average with RISP of .011
*The Yankees added over 20 runs with their use of the stolen base while the Jays actually lost 0.3 runs because of their stolen base mistakes

*The Jays had an offensive advantage at 1B and with their platoon in LF
*The Yankees had an advantage in the middle infield, mostly at SS where Jeter largely outpaced the duo of Adams/McDonald
*The steady Giambi beat out whoever the Jays threw in at DH

*The Jays pitchers allowed 13 less runs than the Yankees
*The teams were pretty even in WHIP and OBP
*The Jays allowed more extra base hits including home runs
*The Jays were able to strand more base runners
*B.J. Ryan had a much higher Adjusted Runs Prevented from Scoring value than Mariano Rivera, ranking 1st in MLB amongst relievers
*Both teams ranked in the top three in defensive efficiency rating, with the Yankees coming in slightly better than the Jays
*The Yankees were able to get more starts from their top 4 pitchers (125 vs 102) than the Jays
*Although Halladay was the best pitcher according to VORP and Win Shares of the bunch, the duo of Wang and Mussina had a higher VORP value than Halladay and Lilly
*Josh Towers cost the game over one win all by himself.
*The closer’s VORPs came very close with Ryan edging out Rivera slightly, however Ryan added a whole win more to his team than Rivera
*The pitching staffs came in very even in both VORP and Win Shares

So there you have it, the biggest difference? At that shortstop position. The biggest need? Pitchers won won't get injured. The biggest strength? The stud starter and an off-season battle plan can be drawn up from this, and it shall. The division battle part one can be read here.

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