Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Part 5: With eyes on a Lilly

This World Series is good stuff this year! What a great pitching performance last night by Carpenter: 8 IPs, 3 Hs and 6 Ks. The guy can't be beat at Busch stadium, luckily for the Tigers and their home field advantage, he won't start another game there during this series. If anyone didn't catch it, Carlos Delgado was honoured with the Roberto Clemente award yesterday, for his community service and sportsmanship.
Also, Mike Mussina's agent is talking to the Yankees about a new deal, they do have an option on him for next season for $17 million.
It's Bonderman vs. Suppan tonight! Game 4 in Busch Stadium.
Another day, another part to the Ricciardi project...Look for updates to link to any expert that dicusses the new CBA through out the day.

10 th trade: To Minnesota: Shannon Stewart and minor leaguer Dave Gassner, Received: Bobby Kielty
Stewart's $6.2 million dollar salary had made him quite expendable for the cash conscious Blue Jays and Terry Ryan was only too happy to acquire a mid-season bat for the Twins' playoff push. Stewart ended the season with a VORP of 19.1 in his half-season with Minnesota alone. Kielty was earning near the minimum but established a value just over that of a replacement player. To completely analyze this trade however it is important to consider that it was essentially a three-way deal that concluded 4 months later..

11th trade, to Oakland : Bobby Kielty, Received Ted Lilly
When Kielty was acquired by the Blue Jays, there were already rumblings that Billy Beane had always been a fan of Kielty and that Ricciardi had acquired a player previously thought untouchable. Fast forward 4 months later to see the general managers come together in a trade involving Kielty and starting pitcher Ted Lilly. Lilly was terrific during his first season as a Blue Jays, establishing a VORP of 44.6. The trade in the Blue Jays mind essentially comes down to Stewart's value vs. Lilly's value to both the teams. Stewart helped the Twins a lot during his first half-season with them, helping them make the playoffs and earning MVP consideration therefore their trade was won almost immediately. Kielty was(and still is) a somewhat productive player during his time with Oakland, establishing a VORP over 3 seasons of 16.5 and is still with the team as a valuable switch-hitting bench player.

Total VORP: 54
Total Win Shares: 39
Total Salary: $21.2 million

Total VORP: 74.2
Total Win Shares: 32
Total Salary: $9 million
Wow, I never really saw how overpaid Stewart was until I compared these two against each other. For a corner outfielder with no arm, he is vastly overpaid as compared to the inconsistent left handed starter named Ted Lilly.

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