Friday, October 27, 2006

Part 7: Maybe that was too much relief…

What a game last night!! Wow, the Cards seem to have the Tigers by the tail but we can't really discount them until they're done. Can the Tigers keep making mistakes like this? It's really incredible how a team in the World Series can make this many errors..Once the World Series ends, the off-season starts :)
The Giants have hired Bruce Bochy as their manager
here's another part of the Ricciardi Project...really REALLY short but I'll add another part around 5:15 I promise.

14 th trade, to Boston : Terry Adams, Received John Hattig

The Terry Adams years in Toronto lasted…well less than a year. Acquired during the off-season as a free agent, Adams was shipped to Boston for infielder John Hattig. Adams actually performed worse than a replacement player during his time in Boston , establishing a VORP of -1.2. The 26 year old Hattig recently had his first taste of Major League ball with the Blue Jays, playing solidly and establishing a VORP of 1.8 in 24 at bats. Who knows what the future holds for him but it seems like a solid trade by Ricciardi.

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