Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday reading

Well the talk is starting to go from the Wells re-signing to the "Hunt for Pitching 2006-2007". The Star has comments from Ricciardi saying that trades are getting harder to make and that at some point the young pitchers are going to have to come up and pitch for them. He says the biggest priority is to replace Lilly's innings. In quotes for the Sun he admits that there's a lot of interest in Rios but also in the young pitching that the Jays have. And finally in another article from the Sun, Paul Godfrey admits that there was initially "sticker shock" from seeing the price tag on Vernon Wells' contract offer but after seeing the market, the Jays understood it was the move to make. Buster Olney states that the Jays aren't targetting Penny, speculates that Adam Loewen could interest the Jays (there's an obvious statement) but that the two teams are probably not a fit. The most interesting rumour being reported is a 3 way between the Mets, Jays and A's involving Rios, Heilman, Milledge and Blanton.

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