Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Morning Ant Brigade

Well I'm back in beautiful Canada, I'm missing the sun already even though the ground is not white. I know that there's been a lack of updates while I was gone but I hope everyone make up for it this week should be a big week for the site. The re-design should happen this week, there will be a new GM analysis, I will update the FA sheet and the AL East moves and I'm working on getting a new domain for everything! If anyone has any requests let me know, i've enjoyed the e-mails whether they've been constructive, complimentary or critical.

  • ESPN has an article discussing the Jays wanting to keep Wells through '07. Good news for all Wells fans although Ricciardi is quite non-committal about it...
  • The news and rumors should be a bit quieter now as we enter the Christmas period...leave people time to check out the Iverson trade talk.
  • John Sickels posted his preliminary list of Top 20 Jays Prospects and it can be discussed with him before he publishes his book to help him rank the players. I like his analysis of the Jays system, two great hitters at the top followed by many flawed pitchers who have one good/great quality. I think he undervalues Chip Cannon, but that may be because he's been one of my fav prospects...

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