Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday morning

Today should be a busy day on here, expect the free agent tracker to be updated, the AL East off-season and possibly a new GM article. Not too much action around the League but the AL East is keeping busy...

The Orioles have signed free agent outfielder Jay Payton, formerly of the A's. The contract is for two years at $9.5 million per season. It's not a bad deal, Payton plays all three outfield position and is mostly a contact guy. The Orioles seem pretty deep in the outfield now so it will be interesting what decisions they take.

The Red Sox are having a lot of fun negotiating with Scott Boras for Matsuzaka ...apparently he's refusing to counter their offers and the deadline is quickly approaching. I don't think the Sox would overpay and I seriously think they'd let him go back to Japan without a contract...Will they turn their attention to the Rocket for one last launch? Buster Olney wonders whether Matsuzaka even knows what Boston is offering or if Boras is chasing the dollars. The super-agent is quite scary when it comes down to it, it seems that Boras has too much power in his player's decisions and may be doing what's best for the players' wallets but not involve the players' full interests.

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