Saturday, December 09, 2006


Well it's windy here in Florida, and the winds of change have not yet stopped blowing in the Majors. The Cubs are continuing their spending spree by bringing in Jason Marquis today and the Yankees have signed Andy Pettitte and that will probably mean a Rocket Yankee comeback. Meanwhile in Jays land, the question is: how to address the pitching staff? Indications have it that they're in sign or get traded talks with Wells and if they don't get a deal done, he could very well be traded.

Two interesting articles today from the T.O. newspapers:

  • The Star has an article stating that Lilly may not have come back because he does not see eye-to-eye with Gregg Zaun. Therefore, if Wells is traded it may all lead back to Barajas backing out of his contract
  • The Sun meanwhile has comments from Buddy Bell criticizing for his honest comments about Gil Meche.

Tomorrow, I shall be back in the great white north. The mistakes on the articles will be cleaned up as I will test them with every browser and I will be posting a new GM analysis soon. There will also be a re-design of the site coming up quickly!

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