Saturday, December 02, 2006

Depodesta's reign posted, wrapped up

Oh by the way, I'm leaving Saturday for the baseball Winter Meetings so when there are updates, they'll be straight from Florida! The Paul Depodesta analysis is up and ready to go. In it there were 13 trades that were examined that came down to being categorized as 5 baseball deals, 3 player acquisitions, 2 player dumps and one role player dump. In the end, sort of surprising for a big market team but he ended up getting rid of approximately just under $8 million in first year salaries more than he took in (even when including the Shawn Green payment to Arizona). He was also successful according to VORP in his trades as he ended up acquiring about 50 runs for his team more than he gave up.

He was successful when making baseball deals; in those 5 deals he rid himself of over $6 million of first year salaries while adding 29 runs to his team above replacement level. The 3 trades he made to acquire players while giving up minor league types were successful as they added 68.9 in VORP while adding just over $7 million in salaries. Meanwhile, the two player dump salaries he made rid himself of just over $7 million in salaries also while only losing 33.8 in VORP.

  • I have another book suggestion for everyone, Blind Side. It's Moneyball author Michael Lewis' new book about football that explores the workings of the sport while following the incredible story of a malnourished deserted kid who was taken in by a Christian family. The kid's story is absolutely incredible, Lewis was on Jim Rome today and the kid was deserted by his mom as one of 13 kids (from 6 different fathers) and left to fend for himself. He was taken in by someone and given all the opportunities in the world to succeed and has become a top football prospect. I picked it up today and I already enjoy it


Anonymous said...

He didn't acquire one of the top young players currently playing for the team in these trades!!

Tybalt said...

Good luck in Florida, Dan, looking forward to the updates.