Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On the road again....

Well I'm currently on the road, so here's a first update for the day, I'm unsure whether I'll get another on in but I should.
The Yankees have finally signed Kei Igawa on the eve of the deadline. He is set to join a rotation with Wang, Mussina and Pettitte. This allows them to deal Johnson with a bit more ease because Pavano and Hughes will battle for the fifth spot in the rotation.

Keith Law also does not like the Hillenbrand signing citing that it will take away playing time from their young players, as I stated yesterday and that they didn't need another player who doesn't walk much and can't work players.

Finally, I'll answer questions if you post them, for the people who've e-mailed me, they know that I'll answer quickly...So the first installment of 'ask Dan'...

What'd you think of that Barfield trade? Obviously signing Giles changes the
dynamics but what'd you think before that happened?

I actually liked the trade as a baseball deal when I saw it. Barfield filled a big hole for the Indians at the time and Kouzmanoff is a good hitter who just mashes at every level. He struggled last year but with the low amount of at-bats, you can't exactly make conclusions from that season. He also filled a hole for the Padres in being a third baseman and being a righty power bat. He's battled injuries however so there's a warning flag. As for Brown, he's a power reliever who lacks control so it will be whether or not he accepts to drop a lil velocity in exchange for higher control. The Padres make away like bandits in this deal however with the signing of Giles, something they may have been thinking about when making this deal (knowing the Braves may non-tender him and they'd have an advantage because of his brother)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if Kouz will ever become anything in the majors with his injuries...but yeh they replaced Barfield with Giles so I guess it's a good deal for SD.

Who's the next GM you're doing? I nominate Ash to compare him with Ricciardi!