Thursday, December 28, 2006

2nd update of the day...Zito signs, Big Unit rumors

It seems that Barry Zito has finally found a home, as a report has him signing with the Giants for the identical contract that Vernon Wells just signed (7 year, $126 million). His VORP was 49.9 and his ERA+ was 116 last season. When Burnett signed his contract with Toronto last year, his ERA+ had been 117 the year before and his VORP had been 33.1. More comparisons later...

It seems that the Yanks are asking for three young pitchers from the D'backs for the
Big Unit. Brandon Medders interests them although Arizona would rather give up Luis Vizcaino

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Anonymous said...

Just a crazy amount for Zito eh Jules? I don't think it'll be tht much of an albatross as he seems very reliable and uninjured. Not to mention the fact that he'll be pitching in that park/league/division. $18 million dollars though, wow. Looking for to some DJ comps though. You like gangstarr?