Friday, December 01, 2006

AL East Review

Not much going on in Jays land for once is a lie...they've re-signed Jason Phillips for $500,000. The great Royce Clayton debate rages on the internet meanwhile Jays opponents have taken steps to get better. You can click on any player's name to see their statistics:

The Sox apparently got a great deal on one of their Asian pitchers, Hideji Okajima. They signed him to a 2 year deal for only $2.5 million. Epstein sees him as the setup man and occasional LOOGY. Who's their closer gonna be tho? Apparently, Papelbon will be in the rotation so there's a situation worth watching. As of yet, this is the only move by the Red Sox aside from re-signing Alex Cora for two years. They will be busy before too long though with the Manny trade possibility, signing Daisuke and Drew and whatever else they can get their hands into.

The Yanks have been really quiet since making a couple trades. As of yet they've lost Sheffield and Wright in trades along with Crosby as a free agent. They've added two relievers Chris Britton and Humberto Sanchez and re-signed Mike Mussina. They also won the rights to Japanese lefty Kei Igawa for $26 million. Rumors had them linked to Hillenbrand but the Yanks keep their cards close to his chest.

We know that they know the off-season started because they acquired the negotiation rights for Japanese slugger Akinori Iwamura. That is all...

They've been busiest. They spent over $40 million to rebuild their bullpen (Bradford, Williamson, Baez and Walker), re-signed 1B Kevin Millar and signed backup catcher Paul Bako. They also completed a trade with the Yankees trading bullpen arm Chris Britton for Jaret Wright.

  • Here's an article about the sad state of the Pirates and how they got to this point.

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