Wednesday, December 06, 2006

update from Florida

Well it was a good time at the Winter Meetings, we have now moved on to Tampa to go watch some hockey! Only a Canadian would be excited to go to Florida to watch hockey...I've been e-mailed saying that in certain browsers the Articles graphics screw up, will look into it whenever I get home. There's also a site re-design coming and most probably our own domain name!

Enough with the boreing stuff. Why the heck did the Jays sign Matt Stairs? I'm not sure he'll be a positive contributor for them and if I see him once in the outfield, I think I'll snap. I like the guy a lot but with Thomas at DH and Overbay at 1B, I don't see Stairs as much more than a late inning pinch hitter and maybe 20 starts. Hopefully he did not cost too much.

The Lilly signing with Chicago hurts but I believe JP and co. were ready for this, they will move on to Meche and if negotiations get too costly go with the trade route. Tough break tho, certainly that Lilly's compensation is only a sandwich pick.

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