Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Morning Update

So the Jays left the Winter Meetings without a starting pitcher, although who would want to give Gil Meche the money that is being given to AJ Burnett? Steve Phillips named the Jays the losers of the Winter Meetings for not being able to acquire a starter. It hurts but I would've cringed all season if Meche was going out there for $11 million a season. The Jays don't seem to be in the Zito hunt so call me dissapointed...

At least we know that Meche chose a team where he had a chance to make the playoffs, it's not like he just jumped onto the worse team in one of the toughest divisions, if not the toughest...I love JP's comments in this article about dodging a bullet and Meche saying winning is important then going to KC.

Unfortunately, the last two spots in the Jays rotation will now go to 2 of Towers, Janssen, Taubenheim, Marcum or McGowan. Or potentially worse...there could be a trade...let's look at the rumors(and there will be plenty)

I hope that Vernon does not go, and that they can work something through Johnson and Jennings. That would however leave the team without a leadoff hitter (Rios?) and leave Lind or *gulp* Stairs in LF...Well I'm going out to enjoy the sunshine, I hear it's snowing back in Ontario...pity. Saw the Lightning win 8-0 last night in one of the most beautiful offensive displays I've ever seen.

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