Monday, December 04, 2006

Licensing corner

McFarlane Toys are showing off their next series of figures and good news for Jays fans…Troy Glaus will be one of them. There will also be a Robinson Cano figure along with four others.

Need to do some Christmas shopping?
This Jays hat from New Era is just awesome , they have it on the Jays shop. If I didn’t already have 9 full back Jays hats, I’d be all over it!

And has anyone seen these? Baseball cuff bracelets!!! Apparently it’s for men although the model in the picture is a girl. If anyone needs to add something to my Xmas list, this would be it!

As for books, you know my sport suggestion Lewis book, my non-sport book Freakonomics and I will reccommend baseball book?

If you haven’t seen the hilarity that ensued during the Carlos Lee signing press conference, click here. Essentially the Astros had a jersey for him that was much too small and Lee struggled with it throughout the press conference. Because nothing says we value our $100 million player like not giving him a big enough jersey!

My beloved Ottawa Lynx are becoming the Lehigh Valley IronPigs next season. I know that Lynx was not the greatest name for a ball team but IronPigs? If you need to know what an IronPig is, they elaborate here

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