Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday News

Well, the Canadian Media isn't only talking about the NHL for once

  • The Globe and Mail have an article about the Jays and the plans for the off-season. In this article, it is stated that the payroll should be around $90 million(which is about $20 million). There's also mention of holding onto Vernon Wells even without the extension (which I agree with)
    This would give the team the option to trade him at the deadline if they are struggling or making a playoff run that could make Wells want to re-sign here.
  • Peter Gammons talks about the top 10 trade possibilities, in this article he states that he believes Vernon will be traded.
  • The Oakland A's are possibly moving to Fremont(between Oakland and San Jose) now that stadium plans are going through..

    I have some job interviews that have kept me busy along with planning a trip and ending my time at a certain store. But I think I'll post part 1 of the Beane count either today or tomorrow.

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