Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday night news

Well good evening, hope everyone had a great weekend. There's some action going on today, some that impacts the Jays and one HUGE signing in Chicago

  • The Cubs have signed Alfonso Soriano to a monster 8 year, $136 million deal, the fifth biggest package ever given to a MLB player. They are as of yet not commenting on the signing but it looks like he may be their new leadoff hitter and centre fielder. He had 46 home runs to go along with 41 stolen bases last year and is an incredible offensive threat who also had an OPS+ of 136 last season. Gammons thinks it's a good move.
    Think the Cubs want to break the curse? As of yet they've signed Aramis Ramirez, Mark Derosa, Kerry Wood and Wade Miller along with trading for starter(?) Neil Cotts and hiring Lou Pinella.
  • The Jays have apparently picked up four big draft picks today. Free agent reliever Justin Speier signed on with the Angels have a few effective season as the Jays setup man. That gives the team the Angels' first round pick(24th), as long as the Angels don't sign a higher rated free agent along with a sandwich pick between the first and second round. Frank Cat has also left the team, signing with the Texas Rangers. This would give the team the Rangers 1st round pick(16th) and a sandwich pick, the first round pick is again contingent on the Rangers not signing another higher rated free agent.
    IF the picks stay with the Jays and the team has as bad a system as critics are saying, that should change next year when they pick 5 times in the first 40 or so picks.

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