Friday, November 10, 2006

Beane Count Part 2: Trading places

Trade number 7: Adam Robinson to Cleveland for Tim Worrell
After exchanging spare parts, Billy Beane went out and acquired a reliever to help upgrade his bullpen in July. Oakland traded for 30 year old reliever Tim Worrell in exchange for minor leaguer Adam Robinson, who never spent any significant time in the Majors. Worrell threw 36 innings for the Athletics in the 1998 season with an ERA+ of 114 and a VORP of 7.1 while making a salary of $1 million. He returned the next season, with a salary of $900,000, and provided the Athletics with 69.3 innings of effective pitching with an ERA+ of 116 and a VORP of 10.1.

Trade 8: Scott Rivette to Toronto for Ed Sprague
With Mike Blowers struggling to replace the departed Scott Brosius, the Athletics attempted to upgrade their third base position by acquiring 30 year old Ed Sprague from Toronto in exchange for minor league Scott Rivette. Sprague was absolutely awful in his short time in Oakland with a VORP of -7.4, OPS+ of 16(!) in 87 at bats. He wasn’t exactly what Beane and co. were looking for in an upgrade, however they did not give up anyone of consequence. They however would have probably been better off signing a bottom barrel mid-season free agent to save money and get similar production.

Trade 9: Jay Witasick to Kansas City for Scott Chiasson
Witasick just didn’t show enough to be kept on the 25 man roster so Billy Beane shipped him to Kansas City where he would spend one and a half seasons as an inning eater establishing VORPs of 4.4 and -1.1, and ERA+ of 88 and 82.

Trade 10: Kenny Rogers to the Mets for Terrence Long and Leo Vazquez
The gambler
took another trip, this time to New York for half a season in an attempt to help their playoff pursuit. He won 5 of his 12 starts with the Mets, establishing a VORP of 15.3 and ERA+ of 109. However, he struggled mighitly in the playoffs. In exchange for Rogers, the A's received 23 year-old outfielder and former first round pick Terrence Long and a career minor leaguer by the name of Vazquez.

Long joined the Oakland major league roster in 2000 and was a main stay until the end of 2003 when he was traded to the Padres for Mark Kotsay. Long was second in Rookie of the Year voting in 2000, a season in which he had an OPS+ of 102, 18 Win Shares and a VORP of 30.2. Unfortunately, these numbers would be the highest of his career as he regressed in the three following seasons as shown by his VORPs of 21.7, 5.6 and -8.5 and Win Shares of 17, 12 and 11. All in all, it was a nice salary dump for Beane and co. as they acquired a valuable piece of their outfield for the next few seasons in exchange for half a season of Kenny Rogers.

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