Monday, November 06, 2006

Jays 2nd best prospect is their latest 1st rounder?

I'm not sure if this speaks of how well JP chose his man in the last draft or how bad the farm system is these days but Travis Snyder is the 2nd best prospect in the Jays farm system according to baseball america. Here's the top 10:
1. Adam Lind, of (also named Best Hitter for Average)
2. Travis Snider, of (also named Best Power Hitter)
3. Ricky Romero, lhp (Best Changeup)
4. Ryan Patterson, of
5. Curtis Thigpen, c (Best Strike Zone discipline)
6. Francisco Rosario, rhp (best Fastball)
7. Brandon Magee, rhp (best slider)
8. Jesse Litsch, rhp
9. David Purcey, lhp
10. Balbino Fuenmayor, 3b
I'm not surprised by anyone in the top 3 as this has been pretty much the top 3 in any prospect report lately. Romero seems like at best a very good reliever and there's three outfielders amongst the top 4 prospects. Hopefully Thigpen is given another year to grow. There has been a lot of talk about the Jays farm system and it's weakness through out the last few months. This is something Ricciardi has to correct if the Jays are to be seen as a permanent threat.

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