Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Early morning news

Two main things today:

  • Baseball Prospectus' Transaction Analysis talks about the Jays first signing of the off-season Jean Machi. He seems to have a lack of control, however according to BP "he generated more than twice as many groundball outs than flyouts" Click up top to read the article.
  • Ricciardi spoke to the Boston Globe and had this to say: "We knew what was going or not going to be available, so maybe we paid a little more, but I think what we did is we established that Toronto is a good place to play baseball, and by finishing second in a tough division, we established ourselves as a team that's going to contend. I think it's really going to help us moving forward." This was about last year's signings and clearly states that last year's signings was seen as a plan not only to move Toronto to contending in the AL East but also to hopefully attract future free agents.

    That is all, the Beane count is coming fast, I'm really working on refining as I write so that's why I haven't posted any sections YET.

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