Monday, November 13, 2006

Early week look around

Well there's different tidbits going around right now...

  • Dontrelle Willis is on the market, whether anyone will match the Marlins price is the question
  • The Jays are somewhat interested in Randy Wolf and may compete with the Yankees for him
  • Marcus Giles is on the market, could the Jays be interested? He'll make $5.5 million next season and had a sub-par season last year
  • The Yankees are stocking up prospects...there are two schools of thought on this. First, they're tired of signing free agents at huge prices for low returns(Pavano, Wright) and will now try to grow their own starters. Two and perhaps LESS scary...they're stocking up for a trade for a veteran pitcher from the ChiSox or Dontrelle...

    Look for Beane Count Part 5 later tday

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