Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Love tidbits :)
There will soon be the "Beane count" posted on here, just going through some changes and what not. There's a few things going on today...
USA Today released the FA player rankings. This lets us know what free agent compensation bracket players are in. Click on the logo for the full data but here are the Jays ones:

A: Frank Catalanotto, Bengie Molina , Justin Speier
B: Ted Lilly, Gregg Zaun

For how much Lilly is going to be paid, I'm a lil surprised that Lilly is a type B for the money he will be paid. I don't think the Jays will offer Molina arbitration but there's still the potential for two first rounders if they offer Cat and Speier arbitration and lose them. has a little article with Roy Halladay for your reading interest also has an article on last year's off-season plans by Ricciardi that's a little interesting but probably something we've read before.

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