Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Did anyone expect that Florida blowout? Me neither!! Well the Big Unit deal is official...and Jays fans want Ricciardi need a pitcher.

And there's good news for Jays fans:
(A.J. Burnett) is one of the premier pitchers in baseball when healthy.
And looking at the comment box...
I'm curious, what's your opinion on Jaime Campbell?
I like the guy, he works hard, he may not be the best in the biz but he's still a good commentator. I'd pick him over watching Glenn Healy on a hockey game any day.


Anonymous said...

What's hockey? You ever seen twin peaks?

Anonymous said...

Trilled with the Jays signing Thomson Jules. Low risk, don't know how his stuff will play in the AL but it's a great gamble. He pitched well in Texas in 03 and with Atlanta in 04. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Bored at work and back again. I'm damned pumped up about Thomson.