Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lots of Jays news for a January Friday

The Big Unit deal is not yet official, so I will not yet report it :). When it does happen, you can expect a trade review here. However, lots of lil tidbits to pass along...

The official Jays site has an off-season ranks the off-season as a 5(out of 10) for J.P. and says that *GASP* the pitching staff still needs to be addressed. No kidding...certainly when their best guess at the rotation includes this: SP Josh Towers as the 5th starter.

The cause of the infection that afflicted Rios and Taubenheim was found and it's a big problem in Canada.

Hillenbrand keeps showing his "love" for the Jays in this article, taking shots at the Jays for getting mad at him for taking time off for the adoption. Not the Jays as much as Gibbons since he says Ricciardi knew and was ok with it. I think this was all a MASSIVE miscommunication and I'm not willing to place blame on Mr. Hillenbrand but I wish he'd just let it be at this point.

I've been working on a side project involving another sport...but expect another book review and another GM Analysis shortly. I've also been working on another side baseball project which shall be partially unveiled soon.

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