Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday: Jays middle infield, Ohka, Soriano, Utley,

Today we look at the Jays continually changing middle infield, a rumoured pitcher for the Jays, a former slugging second baseman becoming a centre fielder and possibly the best hitting second baseman getting an extension and Bud Selig's replacement...

Not sure how much baseball matters today after that incredible football game last night, good for Manning and the Colts to finally make that Super Bowl. There's a lot of stories going into this one and it will be interesting to see Offense vs. Defense.

The Jays middle infield gets murkier as Ryan Roberts gets designated for assignment and the Jays pick up another slick glove, no bat player from the Reds: Ray Olmedo. It seems that there's mutual interest between the Indians and John McDonald, will there be a trade? The Jays had too problem spots they could not address during the off-season with a big signing or trade but they are doing the next best thing...that's accumulate as many players as possible to compete for the spot. The competition will hopefully make one player stand out! Olmedo might be the worse offensive player of the bunch but he's also the youngest. It looks like they may add a starter to compete for the spots...Tomo Ohka.

Pinella says all the right things with his lack of centre field help by saying that Soriano may play there. AtHomePlate attempts to put some sense into the Soriano signing but doesn't really come up with one answer. Oh and the Cubs want to sign Cliff Floyd who really regressed last season..lots of money spent...but i'm not sure they're a playoff team. Hopefully with all the signings that former Red Sox prospect Matt Murton still has a starting job.

Chase Utley signs an extension for 7 years, $85 million...not a bad deal for one of the better hitters in the league at a position where there is not much offense. His home run total has consistently climbed, and had a VORP over 60 last season (better than any Jay last season).

Crasnick talks about who could replace Bud Selig when he retires in 2009. Oh and finally, I have a deal with the ScoreBoards forum to be a discussion board for the posts...


Dan Julien said...

GM be discussed!

Anonymous said...

Good looking out with regards to that article. Can't do too much nitpicking. First impression is Jocketty, Stoneman, Moore, Epstein are too high for various reasons. Cashman, Shapiro are too low. Dombrowski deserves to be in the top 3 with what he's done with the Expos and Marlins. Cashman scares me now that he seems to have more pull. I hate the trades he's made lately as a Blue Jay fan but love them as a baseball fan. Trading Sheffield and Johnson were great trades. The Yankees worry me more than ever.
The bottom ten seem fine. Riccardi's ranking is pretty much fine. He deserves to be ranked above Moore, Purpura, and Sabean if you ask me but I might be wearing the old TO glasses again.
Like I said, the list is prettty well done though. I've always liked Perry. Did you ever check out his Winners book?

Anonymous said...

I've got a question regarding McDonald. Wasn't he a free agent? If the Indians had a sincere interest couldn't they have just signed him? I'd gladly take Hector Luna or Joe Inglett for him though. They likely don't have his glove but at least they can hit a bit.