Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday: my status, Ohka, Further updates

Hi everyone, well sorry for the lack of updates, I fell sick the last couple days and it just added to everything else going on that has made me extremely busy. I have a short news update for now and later on I'll finally take a look at the PECOTA numbers and possibly the GM rankings.

Olney has a quote on the Ohka signing from one "Toronto decision maker":

"We're just hoping he's healthy enough so he can give us some innings. Maybe between he and [John] Thomson, we'll get the 15 wins and 180 innings that we lost with [Ted] Lilly leaving. We've got more depth now than we've ever had, and the way the sport is being played today, you probably need nine or 10 starters to get through a season, anyway."

The Jays actully have more than 10 so let's hope something works out. A lot of depth is never a bad thing..

The Reds made two moves, first trading for Kirk Saarloos and then signing Mark Bellhorn to a minor league deal. I'm guessing Beane really likes the young guns involved in this deal because Saarloos is one of those rare guys who can give you good(if not average) innings as both a reliever and a starter. Bellhorn is a guy worth taking a risk on but he has not played well in recent years.

Thanks to Nick for both making me notice that I said that Ohka might struggle in his move to the NL(being sick affects my brain) and pointing out this article. At least one reporter believes that the Jays' spending will pay off.


Nick Burton said...

Always happy to help buddy, you know that.
Oh, and to those who thought I was being too hard on poor Dan, you should have seen us back at Uni... it's all in good fun.

Unknown said...

Nice article, but he loses a few points for naming Ted Rogers team president (in the photo caption).

Anonymous said...

Dan! What's happened to you??!?! I need my PECOTA!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan! What's happened to you??!?! I need my PECOTA!!!

Nick Burton said...

In the absence of our dear friend Mr Julien (hope you're feeling better buddy... come back soon), I thought it only right to post this bit of news that seems to have passed under the radar:

I'll leave Dan to handle all of the statistics and whatnot surrounding this deal, I don't want to steal all of his thunder...