Wednesday, January 10, 2007

John Thomson...not Thompson

Thank Bob Elliott for today's title. Well if you didn't read the last post, John Thomson is a Blue Jay with a low risk signing of $500,000 plus incentives that could reach $4 million based on starts. Along with providing us with today's title, Bob Elliott also provided us with this:

Speier, who signed as a free agent with the Los Angeles Angels, phoned Jays manager John Gibbons this week to sell him on 33-year-old right-hander John Thompson, who the Jays signed yesterday.
Wait, what? This guy doesn't have an agent? Is he that injured that he needs to be sold to managers? Can we pretend we didn't see that so Jays fans can stay optimisitc? Apparently his injury last year was a mild fraying of the labrum. J.P. had a couple quotes to give to the official Jays site...:
"Our optimistic outlook is to see him as a starter," Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi said. "There's a lot of arms we're bringing to camp that can hopefully round out the four and five spots [in the rotation]. I think it'll all take care of itself at Spring Training."

"We have no interest in Armas at this point," Ricciardi said. "We've liked Tony Armas in the past, but I just think right now -- with where we are financially and maybe where he's at -- we're just a little bit too far apart."
All in all, it's a depth signing and worth the limited risk. With the Jays depth he won't start unless he's good so the bonuses are well worth it. Interesting stat from Mooser7: "Thomson had the NL best ERA as at May 15th last year (after 9 starts)at 1.87."


Anonymous said...

Your comment on Battersbox seemed more enthusiastic than your two sentances at the end. Did something sway your initial feelings on the signing or am I just crazy?

Dan Julien said...

Nah my point in the end is that it's a good signing...but his injury concerns have affected my thinking a little. Ricciardi is pushing the optimism a bit too much for them not to be a concern. It's kind of like being on a flush draw, not hitting it and making a bet bigger than the pot after the river...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.