Thursday, January 18, 2007

Finally Friday

Well I've been incredi-busy at my new job...for those who don't know, I sell ticket packages and advertising at the Ottawa Senators now. Let me know if you want access to this year's playoffs.

Not much going on in the world, so enjoy quick news:

Pete: "Hey Mac, we gotta do something about Barry, we'll never get in with his support"
Mac: "Pete, please never call me again...bad enough Bonds is supporting me, I don't want to have my name associated to yours"
Pete: "Betcha 20 bucks you never make the Hall of Fame"
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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Wells made so little over the past couple years. Assuming we'd have to pay him a bit more, we're looking at 6ish Mil; a managable salary, I think. For that price we should be trying to get him. I wouldn't want to get into a bidding war with SD, but JP should be doing a bit more than "kicking the tires."

Anonymous said...

I don't know if i'd pay him $6 because of age/injury last season...but yeh J.P. should really be looking into this.

Dan Julien said...

Yeh I'm iffy on giving Wells that much money, but R.J. and Clemens will be getting twice and three times that so...

There's an interesting article about how much better tha AL is than the NL here

Dan Julien said...

John Sickels examines Adam Lind...ROY candidate? Only if he gets playing time!

Dan Julien said...

And it's confirmed that Brent Lillibridge is the player going to Atlanta from Pittsburgh. There's also a player going the other way. Lillibridge would be the ninth best MLB shortstop (according to 2007 Projected WARP) if he was in the Majors next year..great deal atlanata.