Saturday, September 30, 2006


Quick update before I go to work..
*The Sun has a recap on the season and it's dissapointment What could have been

*Reed Johnson has been shut down for the season with an injury that's not too serious

*Pedro will not pitch in the playoffs and Randy Johnson may not, all of a sudden an all New York World Series may not be as romantic an idea as once thought.

*We're again tied with Boston with two games left..

*Races to watch today...
Detroit(vs. KC) and Minnesota(vs. CWS) are tied for the division and Wild Card
Houston(vs.ATL) stays 1.5 games behind St. Louis (vs. MIL)
The Dodgers(vs. SF) and Padres (vs.ARI) are also tied for the division and Wild Card
Philadelphia(vs. FLA) could tie it up if they win both their remaining games and either LA or SD lose both their remanining games

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