Thursday, September 28, 2006


Heading to work shortly...
*Lilly gets his career high 15th win and it's obvious that J.P. would like him back and that Lilly may want to come back. He's turned it up to a new level since his spat on the mound with Gibbons and one has to wonder if something somehow finally got through to him.
*Two guys had 4 hits yesterday: Greg Zaun(making his case to be the starting catcher next season) and young Skywalker Aaron Hill, who is maybe making his case to move up to 2nd in the batting order next year.
*The races in the NL heated up as both the Phillies and Astros won in extra innings and the Cards got a giant home run by Mr. Pujols to win in the 8th. Combine that with a Dodgers win and we're back to even steven in all those races!
*Last but not least, Jays won/Sox lost so the Jays have re-taken second place! Boston has an off night while the Jays send Burnett to the hill to take on the Gambler in Detroit

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