Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Early morning tidbits

*Both the Sun and Star have good articls on McGowan and his decision to become a starter along with the Jays plans for next year for him
Star Article
Sun article
*It looks like the Jays are using this time to audition McGowan to see if he has anything for next season.
*An interesting tidbit is that they are trying to get another year of options for him to be able to send him down next year. If not, the Jays could lose him to the roster crunch.

*Dayn Perry has John Gibbons amongst his losers for this year for fighting with his players on two occasions
Winners and Loser

*If you've been following the National League, you'll see that the Cards have lost 7 games in a row while the Astros have won 7 in a row. The lead for the NL Central is now done to 1 and a half! So there are two races left to be decided with this one and the Padres/Phillies/Dodgers Wild Card race!

*The Diamondbacks new colour scheme has been leaked...I kind of like it, but you can decide on your own.
New logo
the db sleeve logo looks hideous but the black and red "A" logo looks awesome, the script for the team name looks awesome too I find.

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