Wednesday, September 06, 2006


It must be difficult to step on the mound having to be the stopper all the time. It must be even more difficult when in two consecutive games the team blows the game for you, one on a horrible defensive play by Rios that turns a fly out into a game winning home run and one complete meltdown by a reliever. Luckily, throughout these difficult seasons, we have not heard a public complaint from the Doctor. I hope that he is not getting tired of wasting his best years on a non-playoff team. It must be difficult to look at his Cy Young Rival Johan Santana and the success the Twins are having with a small payroll or to look at Barry Zito and the A's and even Dontrelle Willis and the Marlins who all have small payrolls but are competing for playoff spots. So here's to Roy, hopefully the Jays will give him his first taste of the post-season soon.

*On a side note, after the announcement of the payroll increase, Vernon Wells was quoted as saying that he would sit down with Ricciardi to see about an extension after the season. This is good news(as long as we don't overpay) as it didn't seem that he would be open to an extension earlier this season.

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