Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well first thing you all should know about me, I read A LOT. Mostly about baseball because quite frankly, I would like to make a living doing something I love and something I love is baseball. That being said I've read some great books and I've read some bad ones. Fantasyland sits somewhere in between these two polars but it's an entertaining read. It's incredible the lengths the author went to in an attempt to win a fantasy league. I have two views about this, in one hand it makes me think about how our society(myself definitely included) is so obsessed with athletes playing a game that we allow it to consume our lives, often in a negative fashion. On the other hand, I think it's so cool how much access the author was given and how players reacted to being on his fantasy team or even when he discussed with them the possiblity that he may trade them off his fantasy team.

I have aspirations to someday work in baseball operations for a Major League Baseball team, a dream that is easier said than done. Reading this, I find it humorous that some of the people who may have more skills than me and could very well help a team make personnel decisions are wasting their time playing a game that is just a game. Some fans cheer against their own teams because the opposing starting pitcher is on their team and they desperately need a win...weird what the sports world has come to.

All this being said, pick up the book if you want a quick, easy, entertaining read, at the end of the reading, please just reflect if your own fantasy baseball habits are simply a habit or if they are affecting your personal or professional life in a negative way.

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