Monday, January 01, 2007

Baltimore vs. Toronto

So the thing about posting a statement that goes on your gut on a web page that's visited often is that somebody will call you on it. Sometimes, you don't have the evidence for what you're saying, it just comes from down there...I like the Jays team, I think the offense could be dominant...but then I look at the pitching staff. So having said that, a scan of comments yesterday gives...

Wow, I'm surprised that you think they're(Orioles) in a better position than the Jays. What's your reasoning behind that?
I don't know, I made the statement on a first glance, I just have this feeling that they can make up the 16 wins on the Jays, but more importantly can compete for the top position in the AL East. It's a team that has attacked all their holes this off-season without touching their depth (aside from Britton and Hawkins). They still have some trade chips including Hayden Penn who right now slots in as a long reliever. The Jays have a couple ok trade chips(the spare young starters after the rotation is set) or trade chips they probably won't trade (Johnson/Lind/Rios) . They've lost their platoon catcher and left fielder, their number three starter and their setup man. This is after trading their LOOGY, Utility bat and their DH in-season. They've added Frank Thomas and Royce Clayton...Is it enough to make up 16 games on the Jays? Maybe not, but I believe it's more likely of everything going right for the Orioles than it is for the Jays.
Their bullpen albeit expensive looks inproved but bullpens are so hit or miss. Who knows if Bradford won't turn back into a pumpkin? Walker, Williamson are name guys but are they even going to be better than replacement level? Depends on how they use them I suppose.
I like what they've done with their bullpen, them along with Cleveland have just signed some very good relievers to help out a young bullpen. We've seen that throwing money at a bullpen isn't always the best way to improve it but the relievers signed should give the O's effective above-average innings.
I don't think their hitters are better than the Jays and I'm not just using my rose colored Jays glasses. Mora's seems like he could be done anytime, Patterson was solid last year and seemed to just kill the Jays but what if he goes back to hitting .250?
The hitters as a whole I don't believe are better but they're better than the Jays at SS, 2B and C. I like the flexibility that Payton and Huff gives them in case of injuries and unlike the Jays they have a good mix of lefties and righties. The double-play combo has bene together for a while instead of the rotating Jays middle-infield and have an above-average defensive catcher. Of course, this is based on looking at the roster without statistical evaluation...which comes tomorrow...Happy New Year everyone.


Dave said...

There's no way the O's pass the Blue Jays...they got no pitching!

miker said...

The Jays don't have much after the top two least the O's pitchers have more experience after Bedard and Cabrera. The bullpen for Baltimore is probably gonna be lots better.

Anonymous said...

It could be close...if the jays lose aj or roy for any period of time, season over!

dave said...

Yeh but the offense just isn't as good...Huff is overrated anyway. Bullpen should be good, but the Jays have good young relievers, there's no competing with Burnett/Halladay