Thursday, June 07, 2007

Draft Day One

Day one of the MLB draft is complete and the Blue Jays organization added 10 new players in the first five rounds. The players were varied in both positional and their level of experience. Here's the top 5 picks from the first round and supplemental:

  • 16th pick: High School Shortstop Kevin Ahrens: 6'2, 180 pound Texan switch hitter who played shortstop while in high school but will probably end up as a third baseman. Has a great accurate arm and has added power from his right side.
  • 21st pick: College Catcher JP Arencibia: 6'1, 195 pounds from Tennesse U who may not stay as a catcher but has great power although he was slowed down by a back injury.
  • 38th pick: College LHP Brett Cecil: 6'2, 225 pound University of Maryland product was mostly a reliever but may start in the majors with a repertoire of four pitches. His slider is a big plus and some believe he will quickly be in the Majors as a set-up man and later closer.
  • 45th pick: High School shortstop Justin Jackson: North Carolina product who stands at 6'2, 175 pounds who is a great defensive shortstop but may lack the bat.
  • 56th pick: College RHP Trystan Magnuson: 6'7 giant from the University of Louisville used a slider and fastball to mow down the opposition coming out of the bullpen. Another one of these picks who may be on the fast track to the majors as a reliever.

    The Jays then followed this up by choosing a 2bman who is purely a hitter but lacks a defensive position, an incredibly athletic outfielder who dropped because of a football commitment along with two lefties and one righty. The draft was very much oriented towards the difficult fielding positions and mixing up players who could help quickly along with players who will need a lot of work to be rounded players. More analysis later on!


Ben said...

a few thoughts on these picks:

Ahrens will probably start a SS, but will eventually move unless he shows he can handle it as a pro. I believe when the Jays annouced the pick, they listed him as 3B.

I think Arencibia will get his defence together and stay at catcher. It would be great for the Jays to have a bat at that premium position.

Your right on Cecil. He will move quick as a 2 pitch reliever, but has the makings of a change as well, so the Jays will probably let him start in Auburn to get his IP and see what he can do with the change up.

Jackson is from the same HS as Tigers top prospect Cameron Maybin. Very toolsy and athletic.

Magnuson, should move quick. He was the closer in Louisville where he walked on. He is also Canadian (BC)

Ben said...

Just to add a second note...the College World Series starts today.
The Jays have 2 draft picks participating...Magnuson, the Louisville Cardinals Closer (1s, 56 overall) and Rice Owls LHP Jonathan Runnells (29th rd, 895 overall).