Wednesday, April 11, 2007

McGowan Watch '07

Dusty had his second start of the season with Syracuse and impressed again last night. He allowed his first ER of the season with a home run by Ryan Sweeney (2 spots behind Travis Snyder on the Baseball America Top Prospects list at 55). In ten innings this year, McGowan has struck out 17 batters and walked only 3. With Towers so-so performance, as previously discussed with no help from the defense, last night is McGowan far away from the MLB rotation. Will they need to keep stretching his arm out? Or is one of their current bullpen men looking at a rotation spot? It looks like McGowan may finally be comfortable in a set position, this time as a starter...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. Bring McGowan up immediately.

Then kidnap Josh Towers, roll him up in a carpet and throw him off a bridge.

Andrew said...

He still used nearly 100 pitches to get through 5... not knowing what's going on directly, it sounds like he's not making his pitches count. I heard he was working on his offspeed pitch and his high strikeouts imply it's working... it also could imply that he's still working on it and falling behind batters before he can put them away.

I think we should let him pitch in AAA until he can be more efficient... that will only get worse if he's thrown up too quickly.