Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday morning update

I'm working on the update...Blogger could not suck more for tables, even when I write them out in HTML, they never work in here...

First of all, Mr. Gammons comes back with an article about starters and their importance. It's INSider so I'll sum up the parts affecting the Jays...

But while much of the baseball universe sees the AL East only in terms of that American phenomenon known as the Yankees and Red Sox, Toronto can get into the tournament, as J.P. Ricciardi and Bill Parcells like to say. To do so, the Blue Jays have one essential requirement: They need Roy Halladay and A.J. Burnett to start 60-70 games between them. If they are healthy and starting two out of every five days, the Jays have two of the division's most dominant starters.

I think that says it all about the Blue Jays season...they can't afford an injury to either of these guys. And they need one of their signings to step up whether it be Thomson, Ohka or Zambrano. In other news, the Jays will once again avoid arbitration, signing Johnson, Rios and Downs yesterday. I like only paying the corner outfielders $5 million combined dollars, that's the importance of home grown talent, to help the Jays afford bringing in expensive free agents like the Big Hurt.

Phil Rogers speaks of the Indians loading up for contention. Obviously I stated here that I loved the book Dealing about Mark Shapiro and I really like this team right now. They've got a good young team and have brought in Barfield for second base and 4 new bullpen arms without really losing much off their roster.

More updates throughout the day, I just know that blogger is going down at 11am for a bit so I don't want to lose any work

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