Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Statistics time

Well it's that time of day again folks :). A quick parusal through statistics for your reading pleasure:
-Rios is back ladies and gentleman: he's hitting .359 with an OPS over 1.000 over his 39 abs in September after an awful return from his infection July and August
-Alex Rios currently ranks 4th in the American League with a Clutch Rating of 9.2, he's batting .355 with runners in scoring position
*On a side note, the leader is Vernon Wells' friend Michael Young. Already the rumor out of Texas is that Young will be on the block because of issues with management. With the Jays hole in the middle infield, could J.P. move to make a trade?

-Halladay leads the Jays with 14.8 expected wins(he has 16), Lilly ranks second with 11.2 (he has 14), and Burnett is at 8.3 (real number is 9). Chacin's success in the win category(9) can be defined by luck or run support as his expected number is at 5.2

-B.J. Ryan is 7th in the Majors with an expected win added of 5.516

-The Jays rank fifth in team defensive efficiency. Not surprising with the above average defensive players on this team.

-Interesting stats. Jays records by runs allowed
When allowing 0 runs: 6-0
When allowing 1 runs: 15-0
When allowing 2 runs: 14-2
When allowing 3 runs: 22-4
When allowing 4 runs: 11-8
When allowing 5 runs: 6-13
When allowing 6 runs: 6-13

So lots of statistics for people to digest...discuss :)

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alex obal said...

I'd be curious to see how Rios' clutch rating is split between when he's hitting in the 2 hole (protected by Vernon Wells) and when he isn't. I don't think the difference is enormous, but Rios really shines when he's not the greatest of the pitcher's worries.

I'd also be curious to see, assuming Wells returns next year, what spot in the lineup Rios gets. I think he would be a great fit batting leadoff, but Reed will probably have to struggle a lot early for Rios to claim that spot. Assembling the optimal '07 lineup while bruising as few egos as possible is going to be a challenge. At least we can't fall into the trap of batting Shea after Overbay the whole first half...